A Celebratory Banquet Ends with Food Poisoning in California

When people attended a banquet at San Diego’s Bali Hai they expected to have a good time, they didn’t expect to become violently ill. Yet that’s just what happened. After the banquet, there were 61 reports of food poisoning from the guests. The event, which was sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists, was attended by 170 people. The high number of incidents prompted health department officials to launch an investigation.

Matt Hall, San Diego’s SPJ President used email to keep group members and their guests up to date about the situation.

unnamed (12)According to Hall, the attendees who developed food poisoning checked themselves into the hospital. At least one, required the help of paramedics to make the trip from their home to the hospital, though no details were released about is over all condition or how soon they were expected to recover.

Based on the initial reports compiled by the San Diego Health Department, it’s believed that the food poisoning was a norovirus outbreak. The San Diego health department reports that everyone at Bali Hai has been cooperative. In addition to working with the Health Department, management as overseen the complete cleaning and sanitizing of the establishment. At this point, health officials feel there is no reason why consumers should worry about eating there.

The symptoms the banquet guests complained about included: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever. San Diego County’s Department of Environmental Health hopes to use a questionnaire to help isolate the exact cause of the food poisoning.

image_galleryuuid0a1d1d96-1827-4137-accb-f30c0cf10e75groupId10139t1437744174171Food poisoning is not a laughing matter. Anyone who has ever had food poisoning knows that it is a miserable experience. In some cases it has even become fatal. Most people who develop food poisoning end up being admitted into the emergency room for treatment of both symptoms and the cause. This can be very dangerous do to high temperature and risk of overheating of your body especially your brain.

Even when the symptoms aren’t severe, anyone who has developed food poisoning should be checked out by a doctor in order to confirm that they actually have food poisoning and not something more serious.

pobochnije-effekti-alloholaIt’s worth noting that from a legal stand point, food poisoning is the same as a personal injury. It develops as a result of food that either wasn’t prepared properly, or that was prepared in unsafe conditions, or that wasn’t properly stored. If you contracted food poisoning, you are entitled to a settlement.

If you have been a victim of food poisoning, it’s in your best interest to contact a personal injury lawyer and discuss the unique details of your case with them. One of the things your attorney will do is read through reports and pin point the source of your food poisoning and who should be named as the defendant in your personal injury lawsuit. Once this has been done, you’re entitled to seek out a settlement that not only covers your medical expense, but will also pay you for the pain and suffering you endured while you were sick.



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